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Referring to the infamous scene in Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction” where the female robber “Yolanda” is asked to “Be Cool!” by Samuel L Jackson’s “Jules”, “Yolanda Be Cool” is a electronica duo from the Sydney suburb Bondi Beach.   Andrew Stanley and Matthew Handley who began collaborating in 2009 found their success upon the release of “We No Speak Americano” which sold over 5 million copies and amassed over 200 million Youtube views worldwide. Andrew and Matthew have received two 2010 ARIA Music Awards nominations including, “Best Dance Release” and “Most Popular Australian Single” for “We No Speak Americano”.  In 2015 YBC wrote “Soul Makossa” with saxophone samples by Manu Dibango. The song has amassed more than 1 million plays on YouTube and claimed number 2 on Beatport’s Top Ten.  The album was the sixth most sold House record of the year.

IMG_87631. When did you start
making songs together?

We started writing music together around 2008. First we started making bootlegs and mash up for our DJ sets, that soon turned in to remixes then started working on our own original productions.

2. When and when did you guys meet?

We actually new of each other from back in our school days as we both surfed at the same beach (Tamarama – next to Bondi) But then in around 2002 Matt was DJ-ing at a bar and I (Andy) was the bartender and I used to go an make matty drinks and talk about music and DJ-ing.

3. What are your influences?

We lIMG_8154ove house music. Dirty Bird & Hot Creations are two labels we love. However we also love to sample in our own productions and we believe a magical sample can come from anywhere so we spend a lot of time searching through all types of music anywhere and everywhere.

4. How did you choose who to collaborate with?

Based on whether we like the other artists work and we feel could bring a unique element to the project.

5. How important is it to represent Austalian culture?

Not that important.

6. Does your album have a concept?

We are not writing an album at the moment. Just focusing on singles.

7. How long did it take you to produce your album(your recent album)

Our previous album Ladies & Mentalmen took 18 months.

8. What is your favorite club in Sydney?

WIMG_8766e love playing at Pacha & The Chinese Laundry and we love partying at Spice & Sash

9. I heard that you are from Bondi, there are so many beaches and does that also influence you, too.

WE do LOVE the beach and are both from Bondi but it does’ really influence our music. Its good to have a break from the studio by going to the beach and having a swim or a surf

10. How do you like Japan?

WE LOVE JAPAN. We want to tour more. Both the people the food and the clubs are great.

11. Any message to your fans in all over the world?

Yes TIMG_8752HANK YOU for supporting out music. We really appreciate it.

13. Do two of you hang out often when you are not working?

Yes, we are great friends and have a whole heap of mutual friends so we often hang out, go to the beach surf and party together.

edited by Anthony Heller

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