Damiana Terry

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1.  Hi, Damiana Terry, It was very nice to get to know you last year, would you tell me about your life , like how you grew up in Japan?
Damiana_Terry02It was very meeting you,too NinjaGirl, I was born and raised in Tokyo until 15yrs old and then, I moved to Detroit Michigan, when I was 15 as an exchange student and I met vocal trainer for rehab because I was in depression from my childhood experience.The reason why I chose vocal trainer as a therapist, is because I lost my voice 3 times in my life. I was mentally hurt very bad because my mother left me when I was 3 yrs old. So then my vocal trainer recommended me to start singing for the treatment to get my voice back. and It really worked well. When I got my voice back I did not think to be a singer like I do now as well.

After I finished my high school in Detroit I went back to Tokyo then my first job was singing at the club in Tokyo singing Jazz. Then I was scouted by agent as a model first , the manager wanted to me to be an idol but that was not what I wanted to be so I had to quit from that agent.

2.  I know that you started your career as a singer at the age of 18 as a professional in Japan, but when did you realize that you are born to be a singer as well?
After I quit being model and all, I decided to compose the song that I would like to sing.
My motivation to be a singer is not influenced by my audience, it was just the way for me to make living by singing. it was only the faith and only reason to survive by singing. So I had to sing songs.

3.  When I first listened to your music called’ Fr ‘ ,from the album Negentropy. I felt like the Thunder hits my soul. You have a very special husky voice sounds like coming from deep inside of your soul, It is like the husky ultrasonic waves like dolphins have. I was so inspired by that. I wonder where does that ultrasonic waves come from.
Thank you for your compliment, NinjaGirl. I really admire of your sensitivity to find and catch my soul by listening my song.
I wonder where does that ultrasonic waves come from but I think it just happened to have potential capacities like this. Talking about my husky voice, I did so many voice training so the doctor found so many blisters on my throat so i got  husky voice as well. But it was genes came from my mom. too.http://www.ninjagirl.sexy/wp-admin/edit.php

Damiana_Terry034.  I heard that you had a tough life when you were child, is there something to do make you sing like this , mysterious and attractive?If you do not mind tell me about your life a little. Because that is also became one of the  other reason to make me feel like to support you more.
Thank you so much NinjaGirl again.
Yes, I had a really tough life in my childhood because I was raised un- functional family .
I was living with my real father with my real sister after my mom left when I was 3 because she was a lesbian and my father started to abuse us violently. To escape from that kind of abuses I had to heavily involved with watching movies and listening to the musics. It could be my turning point to sing songs for express my feelings.

5.  What is your goal, tell me specifically.
My goal is to sing in all over the world across any kind of borders like races ,languages, religions.I believe in music can connect people and countries all in one.

6.  Where does your inspiration come from?
It comes all the sudden. I do not know when it just comes in sudden.

7.  Who is your favorite singer and song?
Tori Amos.

8.  Which one is your favorite song from your album? I like ‘ Negentropy’ the best, but I like the all of your songs, too.
“In my both hands”.  From my first solo album ‘Byakuya’.

9.  Right now you are working as a singer living in Tokyo, but for the future, where do you want to live and where do you want to live basically? And also if you do not mind , tell me about your health condition of now.
If it is  possible, I would like to live in northern Europe or anywhere has cloudy weather. Because of my illness  ‘Porphyria ‘ I have to avoid the sun. it also called vampire syndrome.  ( But actually I have to live like a vampire now ,hahaha.)

10.  What is your up coming project?
I am trying to make another album with a few musicians in all over the world and the first I probably go to the Germany to do that.

11.  Thank you very much for your cooperation, do you have some message to your audience?
Please check and listen to my song here and you can also purchase on iTunes.

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