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NinjaGirl File Apr 04, 4 37 14 PM(aka Tomoka) is the main interviewer for this website. She interviews various talented individuals including actors, photographers, dancers, models and other gifted people who deserve larger recognition. One of her main visions of this project is to promote foreign talents in Japan while promoting Japanese talents globally.

NinjaGirl went to the US as an exchange student, originally with the intention of becoming a special-effect make-up artist.

She has worked with numerous people in the entertainment industry including Rick Baker, Kyle MacLachlan (Twin Peaks) and Michael J. Fox among many others. Upon returning to Japan, NinjaGirl was employed by TBS as a TV reporter. She has also worked as a radio personality (FM Tokyo, Radio Nippon) for over five years and continues to provide voice-overs for TV commercials.

NinjaGirl also has extensive experience in the fashion industry and currently assists clients with their personal styling. She is also currently involved in the entertainment, film and television industries in both Japan and the US. She has also recently written a novel with her mother which garnered top sales on Amazon Japan.

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